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It's a system which interrupts the messages which the headquarter of our mind, the brain, sends to the rest of our mind, the body.
This very system causes us to give new meanings to all of our experiences, which enables us to eliminate from our life negative emotions with all their pains, namely from our mind as well as our body. It can help anyone to improve the quality of the emotions felt and as a consequence make better decisions as well as better actions.


This self-help system can help you to face every day difficulties, you will be able to control and modify the quality of all your emotions which you have attached to your past experiences. All those who use it are able to choose how to change and improve old and more recent memories. They can also work out new lessons which they get out of a particular event they went through. This means that you will experience an evident improvement of the emotions as well as of the quality of the actions that you undertake.
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Due to the fact that I recognize how important it is to be healthy, I've organized my training in uch a way to give you more than a choice, that's because I want you to be able to choose the best pathway to your success. You can find in this web site free video training courses, specific books, webinars as well as the possibility to book personal consulting sections...

Emotion Encyclopedia

The Emotion Encyclopedia

The 9 Volume Emotion Encyclopedia is a must-have for anyone who wants to improve their emotional well-being, achieve their goals, and succeed in both their personal and professional life. The encyclopedia consists of nine books, each focusing on a different aspect of emotional health and personal growth, and provides readers with valuable information, techniques, and tools to improve their overall emotional health and well-being.
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7 steps to better manage your time
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Some testimonials

My experience with the method taught by Nicola transformed my character, now I’m stronger and much more determined than I used to be. I had the pleasure of definitively eliminating the negative emotions that frightened me when I thought about my future. [Read more]

Anna Napolano

Since the first meeting i had a sense of inner relief because i was able to speak about my most hidden emotions such as anxieties and worring. Thanks to the exercises of controlled imagination i’m now able to find in myself those situations which have created discomfort in me and therefore the strength to revise them in positive. [Read more]

Pietro Zaccagnino

That night and the following days after the treatment, I felt a pleasant sense of contentment, I got more in touch with myself and be more kind towards people of the opposite sex. I felt that I had thrown away from me a huge weight, even if I had not completely realized it at that time. I felt that what had happened when I was younger would no longer have had any negative influences on me. [Read more]

Paola Rosa

I have been able to almost stop smoking completely, even though I have been addicted to this practice for many years, in fact from over a pack that I used to smoke every day, now I’m down to just three daily. My next goal is to stop completely this dependence like I’ve stopped drinking alcohol. By charater I’m a shy and quiet person, but now I feel more confident when I’m with others. [Read more]

Ismael Ahmed

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