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Nicola Russo
Nicola Russo

Nicola Russo


I am an English teacher, and thanks to this knowledge, for over 20 years I have been studying the best methods aimed to personal growth from mental and emotional standpoint.

I am neither a doctor or a psychologist, I have always been fascinated by mental, physical and emotional improvement techniques, based on the work of self-help system. I’ve also had difficult situations, separation, divorce, guilty feelings, confusion and suffering. I’ve learned on my "skin" what it means to feel the pain caused by my poor choices.

I was wondering how and where to find the help I needed to improve my life and the ones I had at heart. I am a spiritual person, so by studying and reflecting on God's activities, I found a lot of benefits. I also felt the need to understand from a scientific point of view how to handle my negative emotions and turn them into the ones which would give me the strength to do things that I knew were for my best.

Yes I wanted to live a consistent life between what I knew was the best for me and what I was really doing. In other words consciously change my thoughts, my emotions, and in the end my conduct. I trained myself directly on the "field." I felt the need! I studied! I put into practice what new I had learnt. The results? I want to share them with you now!

FIND OUT WHAT IS "Self Emotional Control"

Self emotional control
I’m not going to specify any particolar technique here because the conclusion I’ve come to, after years of study, is that the “wheel” has already been invented and it matters little to those who use it, to find out who did it, and who made over the years all the changes possible so that we can use it today, the important thing to know is that the wheels we use today have been tested and that bring forth good fruits.
Those who were the proponents of the techniques, which eventually led to the birth and development of the method Self Emotional Control, extol their own method as the most logical and most effective one. I personally welcome all those refinemets, enhancements and developments. This means growth and the birth of more efficient ways of self-help.

The result of my research is not leading to a new science, but rather to a better understanding of how we have been creating problems for ourselves and how we have been developing addictions. All this new knowledge has no side effects.

By what do we understand that a maths book was written by a good mathematician? Not necessarily by the name of the book or even by the image on the cover, but only by its content.
My suggestion is to approach this subject with the maximum open-mindedness, without prejudging any thing in advance. First read the written information, watch the videos and then express a personal opinion.
You have nothing to risk, I’ve applied the clause “satisfied or fully refunded within 30 days” from the acquisition of the training kit.

Our activities

Due to the fact that I recognize how important it is to be healthy, I've organized my training in uch a way to give you more than a choice, that's because I want you to be able to choose the best pathway to your success. You can find in this web site free video training courses, specific books, webinars as well as the possibility to book personal consulting sections...

You will be the protagonist of this wonderful transformation!